Hairy Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is one of the sexiest women alive! So it’s with great anticipation that we take a look under the hood, so to say.

You can tell it’s a recent photo because the scar from her giving birth is there. And to all Jessica Alba’s fans out there – she’s one hairy girl!

jessica alba pubes

Hairy Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook bikini photos reveal a bit more than she bargained for – I definitely see a bush!

At least Kelly Brook’s bush looks pretty tame … just compare it to Demi Moore’s bush of 1980!

hairy kelly brook

Hairy Carice van Houten

Carice van Houten stars in Valkyrie along with Tom Cruise. The movie premiered on December 25, so I still haven’t seen it.

If you want to see Carice nude (believe me, it’s worth it), go rent The Black Book. You get to see how hairy Carice had to go for the movie!

Carice van Houten hairy

Update: Check out Carice van Houten topless while you’re at it!

Hairy Demi Moore

That’s how hairy Demi Moore was back in the 80s. She was posing nude before she became a famous actress. Let me know if you have seen a BIGGER bush anywhere… she’s so hairy by today’s standards!

demi moore hairy

Hairy Ludivine Sagnier

Ludivine Sagnier pubes should come to you as no surprise. She’s French and if there’s one thing we know about French actresses, they’re not afraid to strip all the way!

The screen cap is from a movie called Water Drops on Burning Rocks in case you’re interested in renting. She looks like a natural blond but her bush seems quite a bit darker. Oh, maybe she dies her hair (duh!).

ludivine sagnier hairy

Update: Check out this amazing video of Ludivine Sagnier topless!

Hairy Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk is at the beach soaking some much needed sunshine. She has a sexy body but her bikini photos are nothing we haven’t seen before.

Until … you zoom on her crotch. Wow, is that Sophie’s pubes? I thought she was a natural blonde – well, here goes that myth. Her pubic hair seems a lot darker. Could she be a secret brunette?

sophie monk hairy

Hairy Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts pubes are making an appearance (or perhaps not) in the movie Ellie Parker.

Maybe I should upload a video instead of these photos because it’s kinda hard to see if she has any hair down there! My bet is she’s shaven but for some reason blonds (see Sienna Miller pubes) prefer an airstrip instead.

naomi watts hairy

Hairy Adrienne Bailon

Disney is on a roll! First, it was Vanessa Hudgens who got naked. Now, it’s Adrienne Bailon!

adrienne bailon hairy

Hairy Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton pubes were immortalized in video a few years back. Be that as it may, I still love the sight of her (crotch).

I still can’t make up my mind which pussy got the worse shave: hers or Britneys!

paris hilton hairy

Hairy Roxane Mesquida

Roxane Mesquida is a French actress and you can really tell than by her willingness to go full frontal in a movie. She has an OK body but what’s the deal with this bush? It’s not trimmed, it’s not shaved … it’s perfectly, naturally HAIRY!

roxane mesquida hairy