Hairy Demi Moore

That’s how hairy Demi Moore was back in the 80s. She was posing nude before she became a famous actress. Let me know if you have seen a BIGGER bush anywhere… she’s so hairy by today’s standards!

demi moore hairy

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23 Responses to “Hairy Demi Moore”

  1. Patrick says:

    Now thta is what I call a bush!!! What I would give for one night with Demi!

  2. [...] for – I definitely see a bush! At least her bush looks pretty tame … just compare it to Demi Moore’s bush of [...]

  3. [...] became a famous actress. Let me know if you have seen a BIGGER bush anywhere… she’s so hairy by today’s [...]

  4. Jason says:

    I dont care what anybody says…I love this bush! I like it big, bushy, and unruly. Would love to get with someone who has one like this.

  5. Bob says:

    I love that hairy bush. I bet the smell is wonderful.

  6. Lola says:

    oh good lord. that is horrible!

  7. eanderson says:

    I don’t know why, but Demi Moore isn’t in the slightest bit sexy. She’s pretty, yeah, but not at all sexy. So now I find our that even her bare vulva isn’t sexy. But that’s always sexy! So why not hers? Any thoughts?


  8. dean says:

    Oh dear god its like a ferret crawled halfway into her vag.

  9. johnny says:

    my keys gotta be in there i can see the ring see look

  10. Jon says:


  11. Wally says:

    One man’s meet is another man’s poison, i bet i can do anything for any lady like her as long as she’s going to let me have her for a night.

  12. w says:

    GOD how much i LOVE HER, what i would do to taste it xxxxxx demi

  13. Nika says:

    I thought she was wearing panties for a second but MY GOD i would never let mine get that horrible! Maybe a tiny bit of hair but that think looks like it has teeth! and is that a ring poking out? How are we sure she isn’t a man?? you could hide a truck in there much less a dick

  14. jjjj says:

    what the fuck is it with you people, im only 23 and i find big beavers not to be repulsive. at least you know you’re with a woman and not with a 12 year old. so stop watching all that porn already. i bet in 10 years you’ll want them with a bleached anus and with a hairless body of a 10 year old boy containing plastic spheres for tits or something

  15. Condessa says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you, adults are supposed to have pubic hair, the strange, all shaved trend has to go and soon!.

  16. harry says:


  17. m_kamb says:


  18. Roadner says:

    Maybe she’s wearing fur panties to match her coat :)

  19. Come on, really? says:

    what the fuck is it with you people that think shaving your pubes makes you look like a ten year old? Would you think a guy that shaved his head all of a sudden looked like a baby? I hope not. No ones gonna wanna eat you out if your bush is so massive that they’re afraid they might fall in and get lost. I bet every time she flies somewhere TSA has to check her bush for contraband. Who knows what…or who is in there.

  20. Uncle Terry says:


  21. Bush Lover says:

    I love a hairy pussy, I could live with my cock in Demi’s pussy

  22. Mr Hair says:

    The real bush is newer enaugh because it is natural frot it’s beginning. Thanks the Factory Gillette wich mades a commercial like: hairy is unestetic and unhygienic they becomes bigger rasor Market with womens than with the mens (women have to do with bush, with hands, with legs, with butt….. you can see what is the trick.If hairy is unhygienic than the women must take also a hair from hers heads away. And we wich just love the natural women becam a womens body wich look like a chicken bevor grill or a body like quasi girl with 11-12-12 years without hair. At the end the nature will definitivly win.
    I like hair everyway and its newer enaugh.

  23. strongtounge says:

    Oh wow I love a hairy pussy I old and remeber when playboy showed only T/A and as a 11y.o. boy to see hair for the first time was a thrill and Is to this day 40 years later. Penthouse gave me my first peek when they had a woman standing In front of a mirror nude with her back to the camara and a hedge waist high to hide her reflection but clipped out a little bit of the hedge to show some of her hair,my little peter throbed and the rest Is history god bless women and all they have to give…….. marry me

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