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The 5th China electronic information Expo
Release date:2020/1/6 17:16:23

Place of activity
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
北京pk1o官网-全天2期计划网页版-51计划网全天人工计划 Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the central area of the city, covering an area of 220000 square meters, 540 meters long from east to west, 282 meters wide from south to north, 60 meters high in total, six floors above the ground and three floors underground. Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center has exhibition and conference functions, 8 exhibition halls, 25 conference halls, 3 catering areas and excellent supporting services, which can meet the different needs of holding various exhibitions and activities, and provide full support for business activities.

The theme of this exhibition is "new technology and new products create a one-stop model selection procurement platform". It is divided into nine theme pavilions: cite Theme Pavilion, flat panel display Pavilion, intelligent manufacturing and 3D printing Pavilion, robot and intelligent system Pavilion, intelligent hardware and innovation Pavilion, health electronics Pavilion, electronic instruments and equipment Pavilion, lithium new energy Pavilion, electronic components Pavilion. With a total area of 62000 square meters and 1088 exhibitors, it is estimated that there will be 61455 professional visitors.
As a traditional advantage exhibition area of China Electronic Exhibition, the components exhibition area has become an important exchange platform for China electronic components products after years of efforts. According to statistics after 2016 exhibition, the exhibition attracted nearly 38000 manufacturing enterprises and high-end buyers from many countries and regions at home and abroad.
In this exhibition, many domestic and foreign semiconductor industry businessmen turn on the stage. Shenzhen Saite Microelectronics Co., Ltd., as the original factory specializing in diode production, this 36 ㎡ special booth is located in 9b03, hall 9, with exclusive reception personnel to answer the questions and problems of manufacturers and traders. The exhibition is a wonderful activity with continuous flow of people.

This time, it mainly shows some hot models of our company
北京pk1o官网-全天2期计划网页版-51计划网全天人工计划 It is divided into: TVs transient suppression diode high power regulator rectifier diode Schottky diode fast recovery diode super fast recovery diode discharge tube

Shenzhen Saite microelectronics is committed to becoming the world's first-class semiconductor supplier, receiving every visitor with the greatest enthusiasm and meticulous service in every exhibition.

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