Hairy Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole sports some impressive facial hair, so my guess would be that the rest of her body is pretty hairy too.

Hairy Shenae Grimes

Hairy Shenae Grimes exposes her recently shaved armpits for everyone to assess the amount of body hair she sports usually!

Hairy Naomi Watts

Hairy Naomi Watts is taking a breath of fresh air – or maybe she just wanted to flash the paparazzi with her pubic hair!

Hairy Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau nude and showing off some hairy natural pubes in a movie she did in the 90s.

hairy sophie marceau

So what’s the big deal with Sophie Marceau famous nipple slip? I can see her breasts and I like what I see.

Hairy Lily Allen

Lily Allen is putting on her top but not before she flashes some seriously hairy armpits!

hairy lily allen

Don’t miss Lily Allen’s nipple slip!

Hairy Saralisa Volm

OK, Saralisa Volm is not hairy in this photo because she shaved her pubes and armpits. But as you can tell she’s pretty hairy on any day that she doesn’t pose for Nerve magazine!

Hairy Paz Vega

Hairy Paz Vega is exposing her hairy pubes in Sex and Lucia. Of course, she’s a bit trimmed but otherwise she looks 100% naturally hairy.

hairy Paz Vega

Britney Spears hairy armpits

Britney Spears obviously forgot to shave her armpits. The funny bit is how she tries to cover her face (assuming she’s hiding the fact she wears no makeup to cover her problem skin), only to expose her hairy armpits.

Hairy Daria Werbowy

Daria Werbowy is nude and hairy in Vogue, Frenchies rejoice. Now, all that remains is for her to take off her bra and show off topless!

hairy daria werbowy

Hairy Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams has obviously spent hours putting on makeup and doing her hair. I guess she really likes the hairs around her pink nipples because she obviously left them out in the open!